Oliver and Rebecca. White Hart Hotel, Lincoln.

Well its been a quiet couple of months but wedding season started for me on Saturday with a bang, and what a bang!!

I have never shot a wedding  in a castle before, but Oliver and Rebecca made sure that changed by hosting their wedding in Tattershall Castle. An unbelievably good looking venue in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside. This stunning location made a great backdrop for many of the our photographs. Then it was off to The White Hart in Lincoln for the reception, via Lincoln Cathedral for some more shots, once again many thanks go to those in charge at the Cathedral for their very helpful and considerate attitude in not allowing any photography at all anywhere near the cloisters, ever. Cheers.

Anyway after all that fun we made it to The White Hart, a lovely venue in Bailgate, Lincoln, where Rebecca and Oliver did not take long to settle into married life with a pint each. Dinner was followed by the speeches of which Oliver’s hit all the right notes, very emotional and heartfelt, with just the right amount of humour, and of course the best men did not let Oliver off the hook with some very funny images of the groom from his past without resorting to “best man cliches”.

After a short break in proceedings it was soon party time, and once Paranoid by Black Sabbath had most guests and Rebecca’s dad reliving their youth it was extremely busy, both on the dance floor and the photobooth for the entire evening. At times the dance floor was more like a metal concert than a wedding reception, but made for great photo opportunities and I got a couple more “firsts” in;

1)   bride and groom playing air guitar and really meaning it.

2)  bride and groom arm wrestling.

All in all a fantastic wedding and great to be part of I really like the images and I am sure Oliver and Rebecca and their families will be really pleased with them too.

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