Natalie and Patrick. Kelham Hall, Newark.

Natalie and Patrick got married on Sunday at the incredible Kelham Hall in Newark a venue I am very familiar with, but the first time I have shot there. A fantastic looking place with tons of photographic potential. This was a huge wedding with probably more guests that any other wedding I have shot before, but thankfully very few group shots as requested by Natalie and Patrick, phew. Few group shots meant that I could concentrate on capturing the events of the day unfold as I much prefer and I think the photos have a very natural feel to them which is exactly what Natalie and Patrick requested. Natalie looked extremely elegant and was flawless all day and I love the silhouette shots we did against the large window, looks great in black and white. The speeches where certainly different with Natalie’s dad giving one of the most unique versions of Stevie Wonder I think anyone has heard, very funny.

A fantastic day and a great occasion for both families, thanks for having me there.betts-5 betts-21 betts-26 betts-33 betts-43 betts-63 betts-87 betts-112 betts-120 betts-121 betts-133 betts-134 betts-176 betts-184 betts-224 betts-244 betts-291 betts-309 betts-329 betts-336 betts-402 betts-442 betts-452 betts-487 betts-494 betts-505 betts-519 betts-592 betts-616 betts-633 betts-659 betts-684

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