Tom & Kirsty, 7 December 2013. Harts Hotel, Nottingham

The very young and lovely Tom and Kirsty where married on a super cold day St Marys Church in Woolaton, Nottingham. For once a very accommodating vicar allowed me plenty of access to shoot during the ceremony which was  a pleasant change. I find it very frustrating when some vicars put such difficult restrictions in place for photographers during the ceremony, and I do appreciate that many will have had unpleasant experiences with unprofessional photographers who feel they are in the paparazzi and shoot non stop with a flash during the ceremony, but I always feel it is nice for the couple to have a record of the ceremony shot discretely.

Kirsty looked great, but was in danger of being upstaged by the most photogenic and confident little flower girl I have ever met, impossible to take a bad photo of her. After the ceremony it was off the The Hart Hotel in Nottingham just in time for a beautiful sunset over the city, I did feel bad to drag poor Kirsty outside for more shots bit I know she thinks it was worth it.

The photobooth set up in the evening to a very appreciative group and as always was very lively and kept me super busy all night.

Thanks for having me along, great fun.

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