Sophie and Shane. Bestwood Lodge Hotel, Arnold.

Well I rarely have a wedding which rains most of the day, but this happened with Sophie and Shane. It certainly made life a little challenging but as a professional photographer it is essential that you can adapt to any conditions. There was a bit of running in and out of the venue when the heavens opened but it certainly did not dampen any spirits. An emotional ceremony was held at St Marys Church in Arnold, and then off to Bestwood Lodge in Arnold, a lovely looking hotel.

Really happy with these images and they certainly capture the feeling of the day which got  very lively once the photobooth was set up.

brookman-3 brookman-11 brookman-16 brookman-21 brookman-24 brookman-26 brookman-33 brookman-44 brookman-52 brookman-60 brookman-64 brookman-65 brookman-69 brookman-71 brookman-75 brookman-83 brookman-84 brookman-96 brookman-135 brookman-207 brookman-288 brookman-343 brookman-344 brookman-354 brookman-363 brookman-374 brookman-399 brookman-401 brookman-438 brookman-446 brookman-464 brookman-473 brookman-497 brookman-501 brookman-510

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