Alex and Dannielle. William Cecil, Stamford.

Another new venue for me at The William Cecil in Stamford. This venue has been on my radar for a while now and I was very happy to be shooting here at long last. It really did not disappoint; beautiful gardens, fantastic marquee, lovely indoor space to get some great portraits of the bride and groom and all expertly overseen by the lovely Juliette.

Alex and Dannielle went to the same school, but only got together a few years ago and it is obvious they are both smitten with each other. They really where a joy to photograph and I am very happy with the portraits I produced for them. One image that really stands out for me though is the image of Dannielle with her father as they meet Alex at the start of the reception. This image for me says so much about a wedding and what great wedding photography should be about, capturing those key moments that last for a split second.

As always the photobooth was a massive hit and kept us very busy all night, but the abiding memory for me of the night is Alex’s hysterical impressions of Papa Lazaru from League of Gentlemen….. “You’re my wife now.”

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