Father of the Bride Speech

This is one of the big moments from any wedding day and whether this is the first speech you have ever done or if you are an old hand at this a bit of advice never goes amiss, every dad wants their speech to be memorable and having witnessed many over the years here are my tips on how to get it spot on.

1                Share childhood stories, funny stories of tantrums past and those difficult                 teenage years will bring smiles all around. Say how proud you are of the woman she has now grown into.

2      Talk about son in law. A funny story about when you first met or when you realised he was the “one.”

3       Stories about love from your own experience.

4       Add in funny moments, a humorous anecdote will warm up the audience and hopefully get a laugh too, but keep it clean. Your daughter will expect some embarrassing stories about her childhood, but do not leave her mortified, that is the job of the best man.

5        Make the grooms family feel welcome. This a great opportunity to let the in laws know how much you value them and will be spending time with them in the future.

6        Keep an eye on time, there are three speeches to get through, 10 minutes is plenty.

7        Add personal touches or props. Is there an old doll or teddy the bride could not do without when younger?

8        Follow tradition and round up your speech by asking everyone to stand and toast the bride and groom. Then smile, breath, and clap – you’ve done it, time to hand over to the groom.

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