Why Have a Wedding Album?

I firmly believe that all my clients should invest in a wedding album. We are now the most photographed generation ever and according to a survey by Samsung it is estimated that 630 million photos are taken each year, however, only 23% of these will ever be committed to a print or an album, that is almost 500 million photos taken annually that will be lost on obsolete or damaged hard drives never to be seen again. There is also a very real fear that we could lose so much vital information that tells future generations how we live our lives, personal photos of holidays, Christmas, birthdays and family gatherings are all recorded digitally and uploaded to social media, in 50 years’ time will we even have this technology anymore?

To invest in my photography is to invest in preserving your memories and your stories which is why I only use the best quality albums and frames available worldwide. This ensures that my work will be archived and future generations will be able to enjoy them and see you on your wedding day or see themselves as a new born baby.

I recently found an old suitcase stacked full with old photos from my childhood and teenage years and this brought back so many memories,; an old family photo we had taken in the 70s, a wedding photo from my mum and dad’s wedding and a photo of my mum as a young girl amongst others. If these photos had been taken on a mobile phone as so many family photos are today there is no chance they would have been around now.

So preserve and protect your memories and do not just rely on digital packages, have the best quality products you can from me and you know that you grandchildren will be laughing at your wedding photos in 75 years time. 



About masseyphotography

freelance wedding, pregnancy and new born photographer based in Lincolnshire.
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