Key Moments.

Weddings are amazing days to be involved in and I never lose sight of the fact that the images I produce will be valued and loved for many years to come.

Although most weddings do follow a pattern of preparation, ceremony, group shots, speeches, cake cutting and first dance each and every wedding I shoot is unique and individual. When I am shooting a wedding I like to think that there are three main categories  my work will focus on and when all three are combined they create an album that has my own unique style and will consist of beautiful and creative images from your day that tell your story. These three categories are:

Key Moments, Fine Art Portraiture and Natural portraits.

The first category I will discuss are the key moments. I get such a thrill out of producing images from key moments throughout the day. These moments last for no more than a second, when not captured in a professional and creative manner these moments are lost forever, you may not even be aware of them and even if you are it will eventually fade from memory. This is all about emotion, reaction and expression, these images have all this and more.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite images that I have produced that I describe as key moments and it is images of this quality that have to be produced by a professional wedding photographer. Anticipation is paramount when producing these images as they cannot be reproduced.

Enjoy these images and next week Ill have a look at how I produce Fine Art Portraiture.

About masseyphotography

freelance wedding, pregnancy and new born photographer based in Lincolnshire.
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