Bridal Preparation.

Bridal Preparation photography

My name is Paul Massey and I am a Wedding Photographer, mainly based in Lincoln. I would like to share a short story about Bridal Preparation (or Bridal Prep) photography.

Love is in the air… and also in the wedding photo!

The people you love – your mom, the bridesmaids, best friends, sisters – they are here for you. With a passion for people watching, I want my wedding photography to include original snapshots of real, uncontrived, but also tender moments in time, encapsulating the excitement that is being felt.

People being people.

Weddings are where I ply my trade, but really, it is just “people being people” – they just happen to be at a wedding in that particular moment in time.

In those moments, I would like them to forget about me, the photographer.

And when in 50 years’ time they are showing their grandchildren the pictures that I had the joy to create – they can point to real moments and real people.

Back in time.

Through my work, I wish to take my client back to those precious moments in time when the wedding photo was exposed, so that they can see the event from the perspective of their guests.

When people approach me to shoot their wedding, they want an honest and sympathetic set of images, which tell the real story of their wedding.

They appreciate that their wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and they want to look back at my photography that replicates events that happened, naturally, throughout the course of the day.

A precious starting point

Bridal preparation is the starting point for all my wedding photography events and it can be at a bride’s house or wedding venue. It really doesn’t matter where I shoot – my career and personal obsession has always been to capture beautiful and natural images which become a powerful and inspiring starting point of a family story.

Beautiful portraiture or precious little moments, such as a father seeing his daughter for the first time in a wedding dress, or the bridesmaids seeing their best friend as the bride is just about ready to go.

These images are exactly what I am looking to produce at every wedding photography event that I have the pleasure to shoot.


About masseyphotography

freelance wedding, pregnancy and new born photographer based in Lincolnshire.
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