Documentary style wedding photography.

Why I love documentary-style Wedding Photography.

I find myself in very enviable positions at weddings, especially when I am situated at the front of the wedding ceremony room.

Such positions give me the perfect vantage point to use my many years of experience in professional photography to carefully curate the tiniest details in order to create memories which will define the wedding ceremony. A once in a life time event, which will live with the bride and groom forever.

The magic of wedding photography is in the small details

Through wedding photography, I have had the pleasure to act as a witness to the most precious moments in peoples lives. The significance of these moments is revealed in the pure expression of love, beauty and happiness at the exact moment a bride enters for the start of the ceremony – and my job is to document these moments creatively and beautifully.

The art of hiding in plain view

Capturing the most important and genuine moments at a Wedding Ceremony requires timing, anticipation and sometimes a bit of luck

The timing and opportunity to capture a powerful moment requires full-immersion in the wedding followed by a certain level of anonymity. A kiss can last for just a few seconds, but with careful composition and expert timing, I use my experience to capture these images beautifully without being intrusive.

I do not want to shoot hundreds of photos and hope for the best, I want to get “the shot” and be as economical and as precise in my approach as a professional wedding photographer as I can.

Anticipation and timing is my own personal mantra when it comes to documenting real moments, real emotions and real people during a wedding.

Louise and Sam: a complete wedding experience, captured in powerful images

There are two photographs that I particularly love from the Louise and Sam wedding ceremony which took place at the Holthorpe Hall.

For me it is all in the expression of Louise’s parents. Her mum looks like she has her breath taken away and her dad looks the proudest man alive.


This image of Luke from September is so full of emotion and is just perfectly composed and for me is almost the perfect documentary wedding photograph. Talia and her father are just approaching Luke and it is this instant just before they meet that has been captured beautifully.


Finally I would like to share an image from a couple of years ago with Lizzie and Duane, again I just love the looks between bride and groom at the precise moment they meet at the alter, a beautiful photograph that really shows the love between a young couple.

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