Gorgeous, fine art portraits.

The best moments in life, captured in timeless images

As a documentary wedding photographer, my objective is to record a faithful and natural visual account of your special day, capturing the subtle details, the colourful emotions and timeless expressions of love, commitment and affection – most of the time you will not notice my presence, as I document one of the biggest days of your life.

Timing is key

During the wedding day, there will come a point when I will create truly stunning, knock-out and iconic images, which I describe as fine art portraits. These images can only be produced with an exceptional take on creativity, a developed vision and expert technical knowledge. This is possible through many years of experience and experimentation in the Documentary Wedding Photography industry.

Every wedding venue has character

Every wedding venue has its own special features. When it comes to Wedding Photography, I look for these features, which I know will work visually and can be utilised to create something truly timeless, inspiring and visually amazing. Perhaps this will be a certain angle or a brief moment of natural lighting which will be the key element, resulting in the best conditions to capture the perfect expression of love between two people.

Documenting precious memories with iconic images

Beautiful images can only be produced with expert technical skill, imagination, vision and creativity. At every wedding event, I challenge myself to create an iconic image, which will be unique to myself as a professional photographer and my client.

The image below was from a few years ago at Normanton Park hotel. It is a great example of making great use of natural lighting – I love this image and I still exhibit it at wedding fairs all over the country. The light to produce this image lasted a very short time and it was essential to grab the moment when it arrived.


This image from Louise and Sam’s wedding shows the importance of capturing a visually complete moment. I just love the way the bride and groom are framed perfectly by the trees as they are silhouetted by the setting sun.


Natural frames are something I always look for. I love the graphic and stark effect they create, especially when produced in contrasting black and white. This is a great example from Stuart & Kerry’s wedding shot at The Old Vicarage in Southwell.

About masseyphotography

freelance wedding, pregnancy and new born photographer based in Lincolnshire.
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