Wedding Guests.

The Big Picture of Your Wedding Day.

I love to tell the story of your wedding day through photography and every wedding is a great story!

I love capturing the detail, the style, the vibe and tone – slowly building the character of the album and the spirit of a new life, where two families and two special people share the feelings of joy, excitement, commitment and loyalty.

The key moments that occur throughout the day and gorgeous images of the bride and groom are the essential elements of my routine. That, as well as the smiles and the presence of your guests, your close friends and family members that are all there for you on the special day.

I have shot weddings where friends have travelled half way across the world to be there for the bride and groom and, as a documentary wedding photographer, it was essential to capture the presence of these wonderful, positive and dedicated people and their involvement throughout the wedding day.

I love to just observe how the day unfolds and see those moments when people are not aware of me shooting them – this allows me to capture images which scream authenticity, sincerity and the excitement of the moment!

These moments tend to occur either directly after the ceremony or during speeches – the conversations and reactions to speakers and humourists within the party demand exceptional attention of the lens.

By the time these speeches and conversations take place, most wedding guests will be used to me being there and shooting away, allowing me to produce great wedding images at a moments’ notice. It is all about anticipation and readiness, because there is always the potential for a great image to be produced at any time. The challenge is to ensure each image is composed perfectly at the moment the image is created

When I am designing the wedding album, I like to focus on including many great images of the guests, showcasing the experience of being part of a family, a circle of friends and a community. This element is often times noticed by potential future clients at wedding fairs when they see my albums. Your guests are a massive part of your day, they make up your story and to me they are an essential ingredient of the big picture of your day.

Here are some great examples of my work that really showcase my ability to produce beautiful images of guests from the day.

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freelance wedding, pregnancy and new born photographer based in Lincolnshire.
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