Massey photography and the coronavirus.

A message from Paul at massey photography.

Well its been a very rough time for every one over the past few weeks and we all find ourselves in a situation that nobody could have predicted just a few short weeks ago. I have personally found it very hard to process and unsurprisingly many of my weddings up to the summer have had to postpone. However, the most important thing is that all my family are well and healthy and its just a case of riding this thing out and looking forward to coming out of the other side, I sincerely hope that all who read my blog post are well and healthy too.

On the subject of postponements it is so important that if this does happen to you that you work with your venue and your suppliers to find a suitable date that works for everyone. I have to say that virtually all my couples that have had to find a new date have been amazing, particularly my bride and groom Tony and Debbie who have done absolutely everything to ensure everyone is accommodated. I have to particularly mention my bride and groom Owen and Chrissie, they were due to be married on 21 March, the day after Boris Johnson announced that all social gatherings could not happen, truly heart-breaking for them and their families, but sadly the position we find ourselves in there is no other choice and when the big day does come around next year it really will be that much sweeter.

Here are a few tips that I hope may help you get through if you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of postponing.

Firstly, and I know this is far from easy, but a calm, panic free approach will help you make better decisions. Remember, this will not last forever.

Cancelling your wedding does not have to happen – all you’re doing is postponing it to a later date. And it really is for the right reasons, all your loved ones will be able to attend and you’ll not be at risk yourselves.

Work with your venue and suppliers to find a suitable date that suits everyone. You’ll have worked hard to find the very best suppliers perfect for you, so try and find a date that they can all make.

Communicate with your suppliers as much as possible – they’ll want to support you as much as possible to make sure your day is perfect. Many small businesses will be struggling right now, working with them to find a solution may help them stay in business.

Midweek days are a great alternative. Venues and suppliers will be less busy, so there’s more chance of keeping all of your wedding team involved, and there’ll be more dates to choose from.

Look at 2021. If you had your heart set on a 2020 wedding then this might sting a bit, but next year there will be so many more free dates, and this situation will all be a distant memory.

I am here to help, so if anyone reading this needs any help, please pick up the phone and talk to me.

With my wedding photography put on hold now, along with every other photographer, I plan to update my blog as much as possible, keep myself creative, work on some personal projects,  plan for the future and wash my hands regularly . I may even start that novel I have had on hold for the past few years.

Stay safe




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freelance wedding, pregnancy and new born photographer based in Lincolnshire.
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