Laura and Ryan. The Old Vicarage Hotel, Southwell. 2 may 2015.

Laura and Ryan where married at The Old Vicarage Hotel in Southwell, first time I have shot here and it really is a great venue. Small and boutique style but great to shoot in. Laura looked beautiful and was so easy to photograph, very natural and confident in front of the camera.

A lovely wedding and lots of fun in the evening with the photobooth.

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James and Jo. Stubton Hall. 29 March 2015.

After a little break from weddings it was back to one of my favourite venues, Stubton Hall near Newark.

Jo and James where married in the very lovely Aubourn church which holds all of 30 guests, so it was a bit of a squeeze in there. Fortunately there is a very accommodating vicar so it was possible to get some great shots during the ceremony. We left the church to a torrential downpour, but the weather improved significantly by the time we reached Stubton.

As always Stubton put on a fantastic day for James and Jo and it is always lovely to shoot there.

hanson016 hanson020 hanson032 hanson048 hanson058 hanson070 hanson123 hanson152 hanson267 hanson320 hanson470 hanson473 hanson484 hanson492 hanson520 hanson553

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Sarah and Gary. Kelham House. 22 November 2014.

Sarah and Gary where married at Branston Church with the reception held at the lovely Kelham House in Newark. A chilly November day, but the weather held out for us all. Both Sarah and Gary looked great and where very easy to photograph together, they really seemed comfortable and at ease with all the photography. I knew this would be the case as I had a pre wedding shoot with them in the summer and again here they where very confident in front of the camera.

I am very happy with the portraits I produced after dark, it can be a huge challenge to come up with creative ideas when the light is not the best or even none existent and I think this really does prove a point that brides looking for a photographer have to be confident that they can produce beautiful images in all conditions, not just when the light is fantastic.

A very lively evening was had by all the guests and I was kept super busy with the photobooth pretty much all night. All good fun.spence-42 spence-46 spence-62 spence-71 spence-123 spence-132 spence-191 spence-219 spence-251 spence-283 spence-284 spence-336 spence-343 spence-345 spence-403 spence-406 spence-412 spence-413 spence-416 spence-427 spence-455 spence-458 spence-463 spence-477 spence-486 spence-495

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Kyle and Jake. Charlotte House Hotel. 14 November 2014.

Kyle and Jake where married on Friday 14 November at a small church in the centre of Lincoln in the shadows of the Cathedral. An intimate ceremony was followed by some great shots with Jakes choice of arrival, a robin reliant in the style of Del Boy. It was then off to the Cathedral for some great shots around there and then a bit of “shoot and run” in the cloisters. It is beautiful here and looks great in photographs but for some reason the Cathedral staff do not like it. We did, however, manage 2-3 frames before we where moved on, well worth it though.

After the photos where finished here, Jake and Kyle retired to The Tower Hotel for dinner, while we set up the photobooth at Charlotte House. As always a lot of fun, very happy with these images.

sinclair039 sinclair061 sinclair072 sinclair075 sinclair084 sinclair087 sinclair126 sinclair223 sinclair242 sinclair313 sinclair323 sinclair329 sinclair330 sinclair331 sinclair345 sinclair357 sinclair384 sinclair388 sinclair390

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Ashley & Claire. Burgh Le Marsh.

Well this was a wedding I had been looking forward to for  a long time. I have become good friends with Ashley since he booked me for his wedding last year due to the incredible coincidence of living next door to friends of his, and it did not disappoint.

Held at The Chestnuts holiday park in Burgh Le Marsh Claire had transformed the place to an incredible and beautiful venue, with a stunning marquee that gave the impression of going on forever. Tables where given album names and it was nice to see Nick Cave in amongst them.

Claire made her entrance on a trailer pulled by a tractor and the boys looked amazing in top hats and tails. Once the ceremony was completed and Claire and Ashley had their guard of honour with hockey sticks it was back to The Chestnuts for a serious party.

Evening entertainment was provided by a full on swing band and the bride and groom had a great routine for their first dance to Teenage Wedding by Chuck Berry made famous in Pulp Fiction.

As always the photobooth was super busy and very entertaining and I am very happy with  a lot of the images I produced.

Congratulations to you both it really was a fantastic day.

wilson-7 wilson-10 wilson-14 wilson-42 wilson-49 wilson-56 wilson-66 wilson-76 wilson-96 wilson-107 wilson-121 wilson-150 wilson-183 wilson-239 wilson-259 wilson-356 wilson-362 wilson-365 wilson-371 wilson-389 wilson-394 wilson-395 wilson-419 wilson-421 wilson-426 wilson-435 wilson-444 wilson-492

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Matthew & Sophie. Grange Farm, Stamford.

Well another lovely new venue for me at Grange Farm in Stamford. A beautiful venue set at a riding school with the most incredible looking marquee and some of the best staff I have come across.

Sophie and Matthew where just great to photograph and where clearly having the time of their lives. The ceremony was held at All saints Church in Stamford and then it was all aboard an old routemaster double decker bus to Grange farm where the champagne flowed.

The evening entertainment turned out to be a very lively affair and as aways the photobooth was kept incredibly busy all night.

Very much looking forward to shooting here again.

Congratulations Sophie and Matthew we had a lot of fun with you both.

lennie-386lennie-473 lennie-437 lennie-416 lennie-397 lennie-374 lennie-373 lennie-367 lennie-365 lennie-357 lennie-296 lennie-237 lennie-184 lennie-162 lennie-114 lennie-110 lennie-75 lennie-53 lennie-49 lennie-38 lennie-31 lennie-18 lennie-8 lennie-3

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Adam and Kate. The Haycock Hotel, Peterborough.

Again another new venue for me, one that I have wanted to shoot at for a while and one that I hope I will be back again in the not too distant future, plenty of scope for beautiful photography.

Kate and Adam where great to photograph and very comfortable with each other and confident in front of the camera, even though they may not have thought so. Some great images from the day especially Kate’s dad’s expression when seeing Kate in her dress for the first time. This for me is another great example of what wedding photography should aim to capture, those flirting, key moments that last for a fraction of a second, but are full of expression and emotion.

A great day and a wonderful wedding.

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