Father of the Bride Speech

This is one of the big moments from any wedding day and whether this is the first speech you have ever done or if you are an old hand at this a bit of advice never goes amiss, every dad wants their speech to be memorable and having witnessed many over the years here are my tips on how to get it spot on.

1                Share childhood stories, funny stories of tantrums past and those difficult                 teenage years will bring smiles all around. Say how proud you are of the woman she has now grown into.

2      Talk about son in law. A funny story about when you first met or when you realised he was the “one.”

3       Stories about love from your own experience.

4       Add in funny moments, a humorous anecdote will warm up the audience and hopefully get a laugh too, but keep it clean. Your daughter will expect some embarrassing stories about her childhood, but do not leave her mortified, that is the job of the best man.

5        Make the grooms family feel welcome. This a great opportunity to let the in laws know how much you value them and will be spending time with them in the future.

6        Keep an eye on time, there are three speeches to get through, 10 minutes is plenty.

7        Add personal touches or props. Is there an old doll or teddy the bride could not do without when younger?

8        Follow tradition and round up your speech by asking everyone to stand and toast the bride and groom. Then smile, breath, and clap – you’ve done it, time to hand over to the groom.

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Kathryn and Matt. 6 June 2015. Hilton Hotel, Lincoln.

Kathryn and Matt where married on a beautifully sunny day in June at a small church in Cherry Willingham, then off to Kathryn’s parents house next door for a lovely marquee  reception. Very relaxed and a pleasant afternoon.

The evening party was held at Hilton Hotel in Brayford, Lincoln and was a formal black tie affair, very posh. A lovely wedding a great to be able to capture their special day.

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Lizi and Duane. Navenby Village Hall. 16 may 2015.

Lizi and Duane had one of my favourite weddings of the year, when we met for the first time I knew we would be good for each other. The theme for their wedding was a festival vibe, which is right up my street really. The ceremony was in a rather nondescript  church in Lincoln and then off to Navenby Village Hall, it must be said a ordinary building surrounded by football pitches. This was perfect for them as it created a blank slate for them to style and create their wedding in their own unique way.

A fantastic atmosphere all day and all night with a great photobooth, very effective portraits in the fields and some amazing cigar shots at night.

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Laura and Ryan. The Old Vicarage Hotel, Southwell. 2 may 2015.

Laura and Ryan where married at The Old Vicarage Hotel in Southwell, first time I have shot here and it really is a great venue. Small and boutique style but great to shoot in. Laura looked beautiful and was so easy to photograph, very natural and confident in front of the camera.

A lovely wedding and lots of fun in the evening with the photobooth.

stafford021 stafford438 stafford408 stafford399 stafford378 stafford370 stafford365 stafford362 stafford354 stafford352 stafford351 stafford344 stafford335 stafford327 stafford256 stafford254 stafford253 stafford194 stafford147 stafford141 stafford121 stafford096 stafford075 stafford054 stafford045 stafford042 stafford027 stafford025

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James and Jo. Stubton Hall. 29 March 2015.

After a little break from weddings it was back to one of my favourite venues, Stubton Hall near Newark.

Jo and James where married in the very lovely Aubourn church which holds all of 30 guests, so it was a bit of a squeeze in there. Fortunately there is a very accommodating vicar so it was possible to get some great shots during the ceremony. We left the church to a torrential downpour, but the weather improved significantly by the time we reached Stubton.

As always Stubton put on a fantastic day for James and Jo and it is always lovely to shoot there.

hanson016 hanson020 hanson032 hanson048 hanson058 hanson070 hanson123 hanson152 hanson267 hanson320 hanson470 hanson473 hanson484 hanson492 hanson520 hanson553

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Sarah and Gary. Kelham House. 22 November 2014.

Sarah and Gary where married at Branston Church with the reception held at the lovely Kelham House in Newark. A chilly November day, but the weather held out for us all. Both Sarah and Gary looked great and where very easy to photograph together, they really seemed comfortable and at ease with all the photography. I knew this would be the case as I had a pre wedding shoot with them in the summer and again here they where very confident in front of the camera.

I am very happy with the portraits I produced after dark, it can be a huge challenge to come up with creative ideas when the light is not the best or even none existent and I think this really does prove a point that brides looking for a photographer have to be confident that they can produce beautiful images in all conditions, not just when the light is fantastic.

A very lively evening was had by all the guests and I was kept super busy with the photobooth pretty much all night. All good fun.spence-42 spence-46 spence-62 spence-71 spence-123 spence-132 spence-191 spence-219 spence-251 spence-283 spence-284 spence-336 spence-343 spence-345 spence-403 spence-406 spence-412 spence-413 spence-416 spence-427 spence-455 spence-458 spence-463 spence-477 spence-486 spence-495

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Kyle and Jake. Charlotte House Hotel. 14 November 2014.

Kyle and Jake where married on Friday 14 November at a small church in the centre of Lincoln in the shadows of the Cathedral. An intimate ceremony was followed by some great shots with Jakes choice of arrival, a robin reliant in the style of Del Boy. It was then off to the Cathedral for some great shots around there and then a bit of “shoot and run” in the cloisters. It is beautiful here and looks great in photographs but for some reason the Cathedral staff do not like it. We did, however, manage 2-3 frames before we where moved on, well worth it though.

After the photos where finished here, Jake and Kyle retired to The Tower Hotel for dinner, while we set up the photobooth at Charlotte House. As always a lot of fun, very happy with these images.

sinclair039 sinclair061 sinclair072 sinclair075 sinclair084 sinclair087 sinclair126 sinclair223 sinclair242 sinclair313 sinclair323 sinclair329 sinclair330 sinclair331 sinclair345 sinclair357 sinclair384 sinclair388 sinclair390

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