Matthew & Sophie. Grange Farm, Stamford.

Well another lovely new venue for me at Grange Farm in Stamford. A beautiful venue set at a riding school with the most incredible looking marquee and some of the best staff I have come across.

Sophie and Matthew where just great to photograph and where clearly having the time of their lives. The ceremony was held at All saints Church in Stamford and then it was all aboard an old routemaster double decker bus to Grange farm where the champagne flowed.

The evening entertainment turned out to be a very lively affair and as aways the photobooth was kept incredibly busy all night.

Very much looking forward to shooting here again.

Congratulations Sophie and Matthew we had a lot of fun with you both.

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Adam and Kate. The Haycock Hotel, Peterborough.

Again another new venue for me, one that I have wanted to shoot at for a while and one that I hope I will be back again in the not too distant future, plenty of scope for beautiful photography.

Kate and Adam where great to photograph and very comfortable with each other and confident in front of the camera, even though they may not have thought so. Some great images from the day especially Kate’s dad’s expression when seeing Kate in her dress for the first time. This for me is another great example of what wedding photography should aim to capture, those flirting, key moments that last for a fraction of a second, but are full of expression and emotion.

A great day and a wonderful wedding.

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Chris and Rachel. Greetham Valley Golf Club.

Chris and Rachel where married at Greetham Valley Golf Club, a slightly challenging venue in my opinion as there is not a massive amount of outdoor space to take advantage of. This, however, makes me as a photographer work extra hard to produce beautiful images and the key here is to focus on the emotion of the day and there was plenty of emotion on display at this wedding. Chris and Rachel are so obviously in love with each other and there where times when Chris was finding it hard to get his words out during the speeches such was the overwhelming feelings he obviously has for his wife. Very moving.

Some great portraits with Rachel, Chris and their young son and as always and very lively and fun photobooth in the evening.

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Alex and Dannielle. William Cecil, Stamford.

Another new venue for me at The William Cecil in Stamford. This venue has been on my radar for a while now and I was very happy to be shooting here at long last. It really did not disappoint; beautiful gardens, fantastic marquee, lovely indoor space to get some great portraits of the bride and groom and all expertly overseen by the lovely Juliette.

Alex and Dannielle went to the same school, but only got together a few years ago and it is obvious they are both smitten with each other. They really where a joy to photograph and I am very happy with the portraits I produced for them. One image that really stands out for me though is the image of Dannielle with her father as they meet Alex at the start of the reception. This image for me says so much about a wedding and what great wedding photography should be about, capturing those key moments that last for a split second.

As always the photobooth was a massive hit and kept us very busy all night, but the abiding memory for me of the night is Alex’s hysterical impressions of Papa Lazaru from League of Gentlemen….. “You’re my wife now.”

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Nikki & Ian. Washingborough Hall, Lincoln

I was very much looking forward to Nikki and Ian’s wedding, from the moment they chose me to photograph their wedding last year I knew we would all get on like a house on fire.

The reception was held at Washingborough Hall, one of my favourite venues in Lincoln, which is expertly looked after by the lovely Lucy.

Nikki made her entrance in a vintage camper van and looked amazing in her dress by The Stamford Bridal Rooms. They met while walking their dogs and their beloved pets where very much part of the day, which made for some lovely portraits. This post cannot finish without a mention on Ian’s best mans speech. The best speeches for me incorporate heartfelt messages about the grooms better nature along with a couple of embarrassing stories about a misspent youth which can sail close to the wind at times. This speech included an anecdote that did not so much sail close to the wind but absolutely went over, under and through it. I could not possibly retell it here, but it was a very brave move and went down a storm. Very, very funny.

Anyway a fantastic day with wonderful moments throughout (lets not mention the DJ though).

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Anna & Ben. The Old Palace, Lincoln.

Anna and Ben where married in Nettleham Church with the reception at The Old Palace in Lincoln. This really is a beautiful venue and a bit of a hidden gem in Lincoln, hidden in the heart of Lincoln just behind the Cathedral and the Castle, it has all the great locations Lincoln has to offer on its doorstep coupled with a beautiful and secluded garden of its own.

The reception itself was a low key and relaxed family affair with great entertainment provided by magician Thomas Wright ( Really pleased with the portraits of Anna and Ben around the Cathedral and my personal favourite shot of the day being Anna and her father just after the first dance.

As always the photobooth was a big hit and produced some great images well into the evening.

Congratulations to you both and thanks for asking me to photograph your wedding.

allam010 allam012 allam014 allam023 allam060 allam098 allam127 allam130 allam276 allam301 allam312 allam374 allam406 allam414 allam419 allam433 allam440 allam455 allam457 allam462

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Cherelle & Steve. Stubton Hall, 24 June 2014.

Cherelle & Steven where married at the always beautiful Stuton Hall, near Newark. It really is a wonderful venue and I never fail to get some great images from this place. It was nice to see Fran from Nobility Chair Covers who styled the main room and as always Jess and Rachel who ensured the day went smoothly from start to finish.

Cherelle looked stunning and I love the images of her dad seeing her for the first time. Incredibly my luck held out again with the weather, glorious sunshine for after the ceremony so I could get plenty of portraits and reportage shots of friends and family, driving rain as soon as we went inside for speeches and dinner, and then a lovely evening with great light so I could again get some great portraits of the bride and groom.

Once again the photobooth was a massive hit and kept us all super busy until well into the night.

A great wedding and a fantastic day, thanks so much for having me along.

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