Hello, I am Paul, a wedding photographer from London, now based in Lincoln. Thank you for looking at my photography, I hope that you enjoy looking at my work. If you do and you would like me to photograph your wedding then get in touch, I would love to do it and I will do a fantastic job for you.

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  1. Yeti Chedgey says:

    hi paul,saw an old photo of yours, its the one with police in a field carrying an amp and a speaker with a white car in the background…i was wondering where the pic was taken, because i think the equipment may have been mine after we done a rave down in hampshire,just outside winchester may 93″, the one year anniversary of the castlemorton rave. any details much appreciated, cheers duder

    • Hi i can tell you all about this pic, it was at Badger Farm in Winchester bank holiday weekend May 93, so it probably is the one you are thinking of. I know the date well as I got nicked after taking this pic and charged with possession ooooops.
      I thought the system was Reggie Reg’s, I did not know him but I knew a lot of other characters from the time. How did you come across this pic, it is one of my favourites and was used in an exhibition about youth culture at the Albert Hall a few years ago

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