Lauren and Toms wedding. 30 August 2020.

Well I have finally got a wedding photographed in 2020, that is quite the achievement. Lauren and Tom where married on 30 August 2020 and they were actually my first booking for 2020 over two years ago, who could have predicted we would have a year like this back then.

It was not the wedding Lauren and Tom had originally planned as they had to change the venue from Branston Hall Hotel to The Carre Arms in Sleaford, with the ceremony taking place at RAF Cranwell and the service being performed by Lauren’s dad which made it very special.

Guests where limited to 30 to comply with government guidelines  and social distancing was adhered to (as much as possible) throughout the day. The  did a fantastic job of ensuring all guests where kept safe and enjoyed the day.

It was a very special wedding and I know that Tom and Lauren had a wonderful day, it was especially emotional during the speeches as it became obvious who could not have joined them on their wedding and for me just great to be shooting again.

Bridal portrait

The first look shot

groom portrait

Bride and father of the bride

Mother of the bride

The ceremony

Bride and groom portrait

First dance

The cigar shot


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Postponed weddings and how to cope with them.

Postponed and cancelled weddings have been a constant feature during the covid 19 crisis and anyone that works in the wedding industry has suffered from having countless weddings moved to later dates or cancelled completely. As a business owner it has made this an incredibly challenging time, but I wanted to reach out to some of my bride and grooms to find out how a postponed wedding had affected themselves both personally and emotionally. Anyone who had a wedding planned for spring or summer 2020 will have unfortunately gone through this experience, but it was really interesting to  speak to a number of my couples to see how they had responded to the situation and how they coped with the massive disappointment of having to reschedule a date that had been planned for in some cases many years.

First of all lets speak to Owen and Chrissie who where due to be married on 21 March at,  the day after Boris Johnson announced that wedding could not take place

When did you realise that you where going to have to postpone your wedding?

This was made apparent to us at 5pm the evening prior to our wedding as we were about to leave for the hotel and the venues bridal suite.

Can you describe the thoughts and emotions you felt when you realised this was inevitable.

Chrissie was in disbelief, she didn’t believe me that the venue had called to cancelled, as we were so close to the day and time of the wedding. She was the very emotional with lots of tears. I was initially a little numb as I took the phone call, I felt lost as I knew I had to go and tell Chrissie that the wedding was cancelled. I was then extremely frustrated and wanted clear details of why this was happening. I was left speechless but quickly became understanding of the reasoning and began to look for solutions.

Did you do anything special on the day of your wedding?

We were lucky enough with the last minute notice that our registrars were still available and would still marry us in a private location with just 10 guests. From there we came back to our house and invited all of our guests over for food and drinks. Ouflorist set our house up with wedding flowers and our wedding cake baker came and brought our cake. Everybody wore their wedding outfits and it really was a day to remember.

How have you found dealing with your suppliers and having to rearrange your date?

We have been lucky that there has been no issues. All of our suppliers have been brilliant in moving dates and being completely understanding .

Are you planning on anything different when your day comes around next year?

We will keep things mostly as planned although it will just be a vow renewal.

Can you give any advice to anyone that may still be having to go through this experience?

Sit tight and remember that you still have each other and everybody around you will support you during this unusual time.


Next lets meet Tony and Debbie who were due to be married at on 2 may.

When did you realise that you were going to have to postpone your wedding?

We first realised that we was going to have to postpone our wedding when we had an e mail with the guidelines from the Government over weddings  from the registration office.

Can you describe the thoughts and emotions you felt when you realised this was inevitable.

We felt totally devastated, deflated heartbroken, and was totally numb as we didn’t have any guidance of what to do next.

How have you found dealing with your suppliers and having to rearrange your date?

Dealing with most suppliers has been fantastic as most  have been very accommodating throughout the rescheduling of our new date

Did you do anything special on the day of your wedding?

On the day of our wedding we chose to wear our wedding rings at the time we were to get married , we dressed up for the occasion with a meal for 2 and exchanged wedding gifts to each other

Are you planning on anything different when your day comes around next year?

We have had no other option to change our venue, we have chosen a bigger venue. We are getting married in the summer, having an earlier ceremony time, the ceremony will take place outside weather permitting and getting married on a Sunday. Most guests are now staying over on the night of our wedding.

Can you give any advice to anyone that may still be having to go through this experience?

Not many brides and grooms have 2 weddings in 2 years so at least that will be an experience for us.

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Personal photographic projects

Pinhole cameras and Cyanotypes.

During this lockdown my wedding photography has obviously ground to a halt and in these uncertain times it’s just impossible to know when I will be back photographing weddings again, so it is important that I keep myself motivated and still produce creative work that keeps me fulfilled and happy.

I have worked on a couple of projects that I would like to share, the first was turning my bedroom into a huge pinhole camera and making a black and white print using traditional black and white chemistry. I worked for many years in one of the best black and white darkrooms in the country and its where  my love of black and white photography developed. It was a really fun project to work on so please do take a look at the video below to show how I did it and what I produced. The finished print may not win me photographer of the year, but it is still an achievement to make a black and white print out of nothing more than cardboard boxes and an old lens from some glasses, just follow the youtube link to watch it.


The next project I worked on was to produce cyanotype prints. Cyanotypes are a beautiful way to produce very simple but effective prints, it is one of the very first methods of producing photography and dates back to Victorian times. I have taught this method of printing on courses that I have run and also when I worked for a short while in a children’s prison. If anyone would like to have a go at cyanotype printing themselves then do give me a shout and I can send you some pre treated paper so you can produce your own, I  would   love to see what you can do, it is very easy and if anyone has any questions I would be glad to help.


I hope you enjoy these videos of simple but what I think of as effective photographic projects, they have kept me entertained for a day or so, let me know what creative projects you are getting involved in, I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for watching.




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How are wedding suppliers coping with the current health crisis? Part three.

This is the final part of my epic blog post featuring wedding professionals and how they are coping with the current crisis. So last but not least here is EJ from

I get the majority of my weddings from Buckinghams wedding fairs with being  a particular favourite of mine.

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you managed the inevitable postponements?

The wedding industry, and subsequently our wedding fair business, have come to a standstill. Events already in the calendar have been postponed and sadly we lost the opportunity for several summer events which were in discussion at the time of lockdown. Obviously we have no idea when events will be given the green light to go ahead, or indeed whether those events will be subject to additional restrictions. All we can do right now is watch as the situation unfolds and follow the Government directive. Life will eventually get back to normal and we’ll be ready to jump in when it does. We have our social media channels and websites and Our 20,000 plus followers are still accessing the supplier and venue information online and there’s plenty of inspiration to keep them going.

What are you doing to keep your business healthy during the lockdown?

Most people in the wedding industry will admit their usual workload doesn’t allow much opportunity for R&R so I’ve taken some time to refresh and renew. A small business is only as healthy as its workers. Stepping away from my business and looking inwards is always enlightening. I generally do this at least every six months but now is the perfect time to give the business a thorough deep clean. I’m busy clearing away the deadwood ready for new growth, discussing new ideas and potential projects. For over a year I’ve wanted to reorganise the files on my Mac but not had the time. I suggest everyone uses this opportunity to crack on with their 2019-2020 accounts too – don’t leave it until January. Get it done now and spend Christmas smugly patting yourself on the back!

What advice would you give to others to keep themselves motivated and optimistic during lockdown?

I’m positive by nature but like everyone I have down days. I notice these tend to happen when I’ve been fixated on the news. My Grandad used to say ignorance is bliss, and he was right. Although it’s important to stay informed, we owe it to ourselves to turn off the news and social media for a couple of days and focus on our own space. No one person can heal the world but we can nurture our own small space within it. Distancing ourselves from things far and wide and focusing on things closer to home gives perspective. Reconnect with your corner of the world. Get your house in order and clear out the clutter. They say a change is as good as a rest. I find rearranging the furniture is very cathartic, much to the annoyance of my husband. Use your exercise ration to find hidden footpaths and unknown walks you’ve yet to discover on your doorstep. We discovered a row of shops in our village we never knew existed! I’m a big believer in learning new skills and educating oneself. There’s a wide range of free courses available online covering pretty much any subject you can imagine. Write that book, paint, draw, create, grow, learn. Whatever you do, don’t sit around and mope. Worrying won’t change anything. Focus your energy and mind on the things you can change, not the things you can’t.

This pandemic has given many people the opportunity to reassess goals and ambitions when the world gets back to normal , what will your goals be moving forward (can be business or personal)?

I’m writing a screenplay. Every writer is proficient at finding excuses not to write but at the moment excuses are few and far between. I’ve recently started John August’s #writesprint. Quite simply I shut the door, turn off the phone and write non-stop for at least 60 minutes. It’s a daily discipline I plan to continue. Inevitably there are times when I want to bunk off and watch a movie so I just claim it’s research – which in essence it is! I’ve recently completed another writing course and I’m planning to launch a new personal blog. Before the lockdown I was invited to speak at a business group. I’ve also had an increasing number of enquiries for business advice and consultation so I’m developing this service alongside copy writing and website editing. I read a wonderful quote the other day by Gloria Steinem “Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” That pretty much sums it up for me. Staring at a blank page is terrifying but it’s the place where I feel most comfortable in my own skin. I’m focussed on creating a work/life balance that’s been missing from my life. Our lives were whizzing by before. I’ve noticed the days pass more slowly now. Time is so fleeting and life is so precious. My personal goal is to stop and smell the roses.


This is an image from one of the many weddings I have been booked through Buckinghams wedding fairs at

Bride and groom in gardens of Prestwold Hall


Next lets meet Jenny and Emma from

I have photographed many weddings with Flower Barn particularly at and

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you managed the inevitable postponements?

Covid-19 has affected us because the majority of our work is weddings. Our brides for April, May and June have all had to postpone their weddings until next year. Logistically this is causing a condensed period of weddings therefore restricting the available dates for next year.

We have tried to be has accommodating as possible because this has been a stressful time, not only for us but for our couples as well.

What are you doing to keep your business healthy during the lockdown?

To keep our business as healthy as possible we have tried to keep a presence on social media and Google. We have continued to do appointments via FaceTime and phone calls, this has allowed us to talk to new brides and answer queries for existing brides.

Our Floristry work has been able to continue but with funeral work only. This has still been challenging because there are still limitations on deliveries and supplies.

What advice would you give to others to keep themselves motivated and optimistic during lockdown?

One thing we have found that keeps us optimistic is a nice gin and tonic. Seriously though we have found optimism, all of our brides have postponed and not cancelled. We have still been able to generate work for next year and to use this gift of time to prepare and plan for the future of our business. We have been able to step off the treadmill for a while, this has allowed us to reflect on our company and look at ways in which we can improve. We both feel that we must try and have time off, this allows us to regenerate and this can only be of benefit to our business.

This pandemic has given many people the opportunity to reassess goals and ambitions when the world gets back to normal , what will your goals be moving forward (can be business or personal)?

Sometimes when you are busy you stay with what you know. This gift of time has allowed us to think of new ideas both professionally and personally.

Please everyone stay safe and well but also try to stay positive for the future.

Flower Barn beautiful bouquet at Hemswell Court

Jenny and Emma xx

Well thats all from this post, please do give any of these suppliers a call if you need anything for your wedding you are planning, they are all the best in the business.




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How are wedding suppliers coping with the current health crisis? Part two.

In my last blog post I talked to Trixie from Libertii Beau make up and David Fox, next lets meet musicians Jaya and Sarah from Chapel Hill Duo and see how they are getting on.

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you managed the inevitable postponements?

“Like many others in the performing arts industry, we have taken a massive hit financially as a result of the CV-19 crisis. Although we play for all manner of events throughout the year, we earn most of our income by playing at weddings during the summer months. Due to the lockdown we have had well over half of our yearly bookings cancelled/postponed. Fortunately, we’ve been able to successfully move the majority of these to future dates, so we are very happy about that! Of course, this will have a knock-on effect as well as we will be losing out on future bookings with future dates being snapped up by couples rescheduling from this year.

It eventually got to the point where we were less concerned about the financial implications, we just wanted to do our best to help them find a new date! We’ve done our best to stay with them throughout the process and offer suggestions and a sympathetic ear when needed!”

What are you doing to keep your business healthy during the lockdown?

“The first week or two was basically spent doing ‘damage control’, we pretty much spent the whole time emailing and on the phone to people. It was only when the mad rush of postponements calmed down that we were able to stop and think about ‘next steps’ for the business.  The stress and anxiety had had a big impact on our creative output and we, at first, found it very difficult just to look at our instruments! So, we focussed our efforts on walking, cooking and baking – a lot of baking!

A turning point was when we were asked by a friend, the Master of Music at St. Wulfram’s Church in Grantham, if we would be willing to record a little ‘virtual concert’ video for him to send to his choir members (ever since the lock down members had been volunteering to record little concerts for the entertainment of the other members and to help maintain a sense of community).

We came up with the idea to ask the choir for requests from our song list and it was a huge success! We shared the video on our Chapel Hill Duo YouTube channel and had an overwhelmingly positive response on all of our social media pages, with more requests coming in left, right and centre. It was so nice to feel like we were making people happy with our music again that we decided to make it a weekly event.


What advice would you give to others to keep themselves motivated and optimistic during lockdown?

“Mental & physical health are always a good place to start when it comes to battling something like this lock down. Do your best to get in one physical activity and one ‘feel good’ activity a day. The ‘feel good’ activity can be anything like baking, colouring, watching TV, playing xbox, facetiming a friend, having a bubble bath, a cheeky G&T… anything that allows you to feel safe and in your comfort zone (mine’s reading and Sarah’s is crocheting and watching Star Trek!)

For us it’s all about our ‘safe place’; sometimes it’s to go for a long walk, sometimes it’s to cook/bake, read, crochet etc. We keep checking in with each other throughout the day to see how we’re doing and to see if we need to adjust our approach to the day at all.”

This pandemic has given many people the opportunity to reassess goals and ambitions when the world gets back to normal , what will your goals be moving forward (can be business or personal)?

“The pandemic is interesting from a business perspective as it has put very drastic but also very specific restrictions on how we can interact with each other. Advertising has gone entirely online practically overnight as a result of the restrictions and it has created difficult conditions on social media and on other platforms that we’ve traditionally used.

We recently described trying to be heard on social media at the moment as ‘shouting into an EVEN MORE crowded room’. Quite amazingly, and particularly in musical circles, there has been a burst of creativity and content flooding social media and it has left us struggling to advertise efficiently. With these difficulties in mind we have decided that our time is best utilised working on long term projects that will leave us with lasting resources, standing the test of time for years to come. Our philosophy is that if we can come out of lockdown with a stronger foundation then we will be able to make the most of it when society regains some semblance of normality.

Our work has always been founded on the idea of creating a ‘portfolio career’, a necessity for modern musicians. Essentially, we try to diversify our portfolio as much as possible; selling albums and sheet music online, doing workshops and educational projects and basically exploring any and all ideas that we think might be lucrative. The restrictions the pandemic have imposed really underpin the importance of this philosophy even more. We will be working to even out some of the areas that we have possibly neglected in the past so that our portfolio is a little more resilient to unforeseen circumstances.”

Chapel Hill Duo at Charlotte House

Thanks Jaya and Sarah, that was great. Next lets meet Caroline from Caroline Chamberlain Bridal Couture.

Caroline designs and makes bridal couture at her studio in the Engine Yard at Bevoir Castle.

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you managed the inevitable postponements?

It has been tough. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time really as I had only moved premises 4 months earlier so all my savings had gone into the move, I was just beginning to get known in a new area when we got the government advice on the 23rd March and I had to temporarily close the studio. I had final fittings and collections, along with new brides booked in throughout April, which have all had to be cancelled, these will get rebooked in once we have a clearer view on when we can actually go back to work. Since we have no idea currently when we will be allowed to re open, it does make life quite worrying. I rely on on seeing my clients face to face for my business, trying on dresses and fittings etc. I am in contact with all my clients tho and they are keeping me up to date with their new wedding dates, many have moved to next year, so once we know when lockdown is lifted we will reschedule everyone in.

What are you doing to keep your business healthy during the lockdown?

I’m trying to keep people interested in my social media by posting regularly so Brides know I’m there when lockdown is lifted! I’ve done a few design consultations over the phone and email for new clients too. I’m taking the time to do things that I have been wanting to do but usually get put on the back burner because I would be sewing! I’m in the process of sorting a blog, I’ve been updating my Pinterest as i have learnt that rather than a social platform it’s a search engine! I’m setting up an Etsy shop too and have made a few Bridal Accessories to sell on there. 

What advice would you give to others to keep themselves motivated and optimistic during lockdown?

I’ve tried to start the day with exercise, it always makes me feel better, tho I have to be honest I certainly haven’t managed this everyday. Keep in touch obviously with family and friends, I’m in lockdown alone so this has been vital to me. Try to focus on the end game, this situation will come to an end and when it does we need to be at the top of the game to pick up where we left off and make our businesses a success to get over this incredibly difficult time. The business aside, I got involved with a group called For the Love of Scrubs on Facebook and in all honesty I have them to thank for keeping me focused and motivated. Alongside the work I’ve been doing for my own business I have been making scrubs and laundry bags for the NHS and that has really given me a purpose and helped me to feel useful while being stuck at home during this time. 

This pandemic has given many people the opportunity to reassess goals and ambitions when the world gets back to normal , what will your goals be moving forward (can be business or personal)?

From a business perspective I just want to succeed. I love what I do, and the plan with my move to the Engine Yard was to take the business to the next level and to just keep doing what I love, designing and making Wedding Gowns for beautiful brides. That goal has not changed and I sincerely hope when things get back to normal I can pick up where I left off. Personally, being on lockdown in a flat with no garden and in a city suburb has made me realise I really want to live in the countryside and get a dog! It has made me reassess lots of things to be honest, there’s nothing like a lockdown to highlight what’s working in our lives and what isn’t. Hopefully, this experience will bring some positives eventually. 

Thanks Caroline that was great too, I have shot a lot of fashion with Caroline and here is a fantastic image from a few years ago of Carolines iconic Union Jack dress.

Caroline Chamberlain fashion shoot.

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How are wedding suppliers coping with the current health crisis?

Wedding suppliers and how to cope with the current crisis.

With no weddings for me to photograph for the foreseeable future it is essential that I keep myself both motivated and optimistic and that I am constantly nurturing my business so that when we do get back to some semblance of normality my business will be in as positive a position as possible. Of course, like any other wedding professional I have lost an awful lot of weddings and I have been having to rearrange many weddings for later this year or next year. To keep myself in the public eye, I am blogging regularly and I have been working on some personal photography projects which I will share in some later blog posts. Today I wanted to reach out to some of my favourite and most trusted wedding professionals to find out how they have been managing their time and their business during this crisis.

First of all, Trixie from Libertii Beau make up in Leicester. Incredibly, I have not photographed any weddings with Trixie, but that will surely change soon. Trixie is my go-to make up artist when I am shooting beauty and fashion. She is incredibly creative and just a great person to be around.

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you managed the inevitable postponements?

As the situation developed, it was clear to me early on that with the nature of my up close contact with clients, my private appointments and bridal makeup trials needed to be rescheduled. I worked from month to month, initially in March I started re-appointing March and April dates, pushing them further back where possible to May and June. I’ve continued to do this methodically keeping track of my calendar and keeping in close contact with my clients. In the interim whilst this was moving quickly, brides, already booked weddings, were rescheduling their weddings for 2021 with their venue’s and I was juggling times etc to accommodate them.  Thinking on reflection, I feel some of it was out of my hands and I knew I would need to go pretty fluid with it as other elements were within my control. I feel it has evolved now and I’m waiting for the next influx of re-appointments and wedding date schedules for the summer and autumn brides which seem to be moving, again to 2021/22.

What are you doing to keep your business healthy during the lockdown?

It has been important for me to keep engagement through social media of various forms, because audiences are different on different platforms. I can stay connected with them and also give them reassurance that I’m still here, working hard to keep going and stay visible. Staying visible and engaged is key to progressing once it’s safe to do so.

What advice would you give to others to keep themselves motivated and optimistic during lockdown?

“My advice to anyone out there that is finding this challenging, from a business perspective, is to keep connected with your industry professionals. Find out how others are coping and adapting and be socially open to assist if you can. Work together, maybe follow people you’ve always took inspiration from and work on other projects and future projects behind the scenes, so when lockdown is over, you are good to go.

On a personal level, I’m still planning my days out. Working mornings and enjoying my outside space in the afternoons. Taking every moment I can to enjoy this extra time and breathe in the beauty of life. Sunny days help lots.”

This pandemic has given many people the opportunity to reassess goals and ambitions when the world gets back to normal , what will your goals be moving forward (can be business or personal)?

“Of course if you are lucky enough to stay well and healthy then this is the ideal time to take the opportunity to look at other venture’s. Work you’ve perhaps wanted to do before, but have not been able to pursue because of otter demands. You are in this industry because you are creative, so use your talents and go create new work and remember that sometimes when you stop, you regain new inspired momentum.

So keep positive and free in spirit, you can get through this. Make a constructive plan and if it doesn’t seem to be working, make another one. I plan to still be here for my clients after this passes and also to have a small new business sitting by my side ready to go soon.

Love and Peace”

– Trixie

I shoot a lot of fashion and beauty with Trixie, this one is from a fantastic shoot we did a while back at Stubton Hall.

boudoir photography

Fashion and beauty with Trixie

Next, here is David Fox, he is the most talented magician and illusionist I know, he never fails to amaze me with his talent and he is a great addition to any wedding.

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you managed the inevitable postponements?

“The crisis has caused me to reschedule bookings throughout March, April, May, June, July and August so far. Thankfully, I’ve managed to successfully accommodate the majority of clients and I am very grateful that they have been so flexible too.

To date, I have lost two weddings and a corporate function but I’m hoping to hold onto the remaining gigs in my diary for 2020.”

What are you doing to keep your business healthy during the lockdown?

“I continue to contact clients and work on new material for my show. I have been experimenting a lot more with technology as well. There are still several future projects in the pipeline too – so I can always keep myself busy even when I’m not out on the road.

An NHS charity has also asked me to help them during the crisis and I have been creating Balloonogram videos. See my Facebook page for details – David Fox Magician.”

What advice would you give to others to keep themselves motivated and optimistic during lockdown?

“My advice to others would be to try to keep busy and not watch too much news. Hopefully the crisis will start to come to an end soon. It’s also very important to keep chatting to family and friends. Don’t let yourself become too isolated – we’re all being affected by this and it’s certainly not your fault if your business is suffering.”

This pandemic has given many people the opportunity to reassess goals and ambitions when the world gets back to normal , what will your goals be moving forward (can be business or personal)?

“My goal is that it makes me even more determined to succeed as an entertainer and a magician. Having had some time to reflect and analyse my act in more detail has been very beneficial. I have also created some new ideas to continue to entertain and reach out to audiences when we enter the post-lockdown phase. For a business, new ideas are our life’s blood, and it’s very important to adapt and move with the times.”

stubton weddings

David Fox at Stubton Hall

I have plenty more wedding professionals thoughts to share and I’ll be getting part two and part three of this blog post out in a day or so. If anyone is looking for any suppliers for their weddings I cannot recommend any of these guys enough.



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Black and White Photography Wedding Photography.

Beautiful black and white wedding photography and why I love it.

I have always loved black and white photography, I think it lends itself so well to wedding photography and I always ensure that I deliver a good proportion of high quality black and white images to my clients.

My love of black and white photography stems from my time working at one of the greatest black and white labs in the country during the late 80s and 90s. JohnOs Darkroom was a groundbreaking darkroom and it was here that I printed for some of the biggest names in fashion and advertising photography of the time such as Nick Knight, Craig McDean, Corinne Day, David Sims, Elaine Constantine and many more.

There are  some key images that I shoot at all my weddings that I always feel look gorgeous in black and white and I would like to highlight these in this post.

Bride and Groom Portraits.

There is nothing more gorgeous than beautifully lit portraits using available daylight. I take my inspiration from the great Jane Bown who specialised in black and white portraits using nothing more than natural light. I love to find the “sweet spot” that allows just the right amount of light  to fall onto my subject, this ensures a beautiful quality image with a full tonal range. It is not always possible to find this at every location as it is dependant on a range of criteria, but if I can find it, I will use it and create beautiful portraits such as these images produced at Stubton Hall.

Groom shot at Stubton Hall

Bride at Stubton Hall


Silhouettes always look beautiful in black and white and I prefer a really contrasty, punchy feel to these photographs, it’s a great technique to utilise and will always result in creative and original images.

My favourite silhouettes will have a clean background around the subject and bold, strong graphics. It is not always possible to achieve the perfect shot as again, this really does depend on many criteria such as light source, quality of light and location. Large windows will always give me something to work with and so do doorways and entrances.


Silhouette of bride and mother at Belton Woods

Silhouette of bride and groom at the Old Vicar

The Ceremony.

The ceremony, particularly in churches always look great in black and white to me. It gives it that gritty, reportgage feel that I aim to achieve with my work. My inspiration here comes from the greatest pioneers of photography such as W Eugene Smith and Bresson. I want to authentically capture and record the emotion of the ceremony whilst remaining as inconspicuous as possible. I want to look for that decisive moment where the emotion and the magnitude of the occasion can be perfectly captured and the moment preserved with perfect composition. Black and white photography is the perfect medium for this.

Ceremony image from Luke and Talias Newark wedding

Proud dad with his daughter.


First Dance.

The first dance is another image that to me just has to be presented in black and white. It is a moment that happens at every wedding and whether it is just an “awkward shuffle” or a full on choreographed routine, these images always seem to work so well in monochrome for me. The image below from Sophie and Toms wedding at Stubton Hall is a wonderful image which is beautifully lit and I just love that it tells of the moment that friends and family have just joined them on the dancefloor to celebrate with them. The following image, again from Stubton Hall (why are so many of my favorite images from Stubton?) shows a wonderful moment captured from Adam and Kates wedding in August.

First dance at Stubton Hall


First dance at Stubton Hall

Cigar and Champagne Shot.

As a wedding photographer it is essential to have something unique to offer, something that is instantly recognisable and something that is hard to plagiarize. I like to think of these two images, if not entirely unique to me, (other photographers do shoot groomsmen with cigars and bride and groom popping the champagne corks), but that the lighting technique and the feel and mood of these images is a style of my own. It is a fairly complex lighting set up that I need to use to achieve this look and would it work as well in colour? In my opinion not at all.

Groom and groomsmen with my famous cigar shot.

Bride and groom with my champagne shot

These images really sum up my style of wedding photography and I just love to create images of this quality at all my weddings. If you would like any more information about photography for your wedding then please do get in touch with me, I can be contacted via email at or just give me a call on 07770 630 364.



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Massey photography and the coronavirus.

A message from Paul at massey photography.

Well its been a very rough time for every one over the past few weeks and we all find ourselves in a situation that nobody could have predicted just a few short weeks ago. I have personally found it very hard to process and unsurprisingly many of my weddings up to the summer have had to postpone. However, the most important thing is that all my family are well and healthy and its just a case of riding this thing out and looking forward to coming out of the other side, I sincerely hope that all who read my blog post are well and healthy too.

On the subject of postponements it is so important that if this does happen to you that you work with your venue and your suppliers to find a suitable date that works for everyone. I have to say that virtually all my couples that have had to find a new date have been amazing, particularly my bride and groom Tony and Debbie who have done absolutely everything to ensure everyone is accommodated. I have to particularly mention my bride and groom Owen and Chrissie, they were due to be married on 21 March, the day after Boris Johnson announced that all social gatherings could not happen, truly heart-breaking for them and their families, but sadly the position we find ourselves in there is no other choice and when the big day does come around next year it really will be that much sweeter.

Here are a few tips that I hope may help you get through if you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of postponing.

Firstly, and I know this is far from easy, but a calm, panic free approach will help you make better decisions. Remember, this will not last forever.

Cancelling your wedding does not have to happen – all you’re doing is postponing it to a later date. And it really is for the right reasons, all your loved ones will be able to attend and you’ll not be at risk yourselves.

Work with your venue and suppliers to find a suitable date that suits everyone. You’ll have worked hard to find the very best suppliers perfect for you, so try and find a date that they can all make.

Communicate with your suppliers as much as possible – they’ll want to support you as much as possible to make sure your day is perfect. Many small businesses will be struggling right now, working with them to find a solution may help them stay in business.

Midweek days are a great alternative. Venues and suppliers will be less busy, so there’s more chance of keeping all of your wedding team involved, and there’ll be more dates to choose from.

Look at 2021. If you had your heart set on a 2020 wedding then this might sting a bit, but next year there will be so many more free dates, and this situation will all be a distant memory.

I am here to help, so if anyone reading this needs any help, please pick up the phone and talk to me.

With my wedding photography put on hold now, along with every other photographer, I plan to update my blog as much as possible, keep myself creative, work on some personal projects,  plan for the future and wash my hands regularly . I may even start that novel I have had on hold for the past few years.

Stay safe




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My top wedding venues.

As a wedding photographer in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas I get to shoot at some beautiful venues and it is a huge privilege to be the recommended wedding photographer at some of the best venues in the area. It is also great to find a new venue that I have never shot at before and discover something new. So here is a list of some of my favourite venues to shoot at and why, both old and new.

Prestwold Hall.

Located near Loughborough Prestwold Hall is fast becoming a firm favourite for me. I am always made to feel very welcome here by MJ, Lucy and all the staff here. The outdoor area is just lovely and I can always find something unique and new to photograph at this venue. Prestwold delivers exceptional service and catering and every wedding is tailored to the individual, it can hold up to 140 guests and has 10 bedrooms.

Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Loughborough. LE12 5SQ.


Bride and groom in gardens of Prestwold Hall

Bride and groom outside Prestwold Hall



Stubton Hall.

Located near Newark and just off the A1 a great location and easy to get to. Stubton Hall is an old favourite of mine having been recommended by the venue for a good few years now. Producing wedding photography at Stubton Hall is always a wonderful experience, the bridal suit is always great to shoot in along with other amazing features at the venue such as the staircase and the outdoor area. The natural light afforded by the massive windows always results in beautiful portraits and I can always guarantee amazing photography here. There are very few venues like this one and is exceptional to photograph in any season. Stubton Hall can accommodate up to 200 guests and has 25 bedrooms.

Stubton Hall. Stubton, Newark. NG23 5DD

Bride and groom at Stubton Hall



Charlotte House Hotel.

I have been the recommended wedding photographer at  Charlotte House Hotel  for longer than any other venue and being less than 5 minutes from my home it’s always a bonus to shoot here. Located in the heart of Lincoln the lack of outdoor space is more than compensated for by having the Castle and the Cathedral in very close proximity. I know so many great locations around this area that again there is always somewhere to create beautiful photography. Charlotte House can accommodate up to 120 guests and has 14 bedrooms.

Charlotte House Hotel. Union St, Lincoln. LN1 3BJ.

Charlotte House wedding photography

Hemswell Court.

Hemswell Court  is located near Lincoln and Gainsborough and this venue never disappoints me. I photographed the owners Sean and Julie’s son’s wedding a few years ago at Stubton Hall and we have maintained a great relationship since then. Like Stubton, Hemswell has some lovely large windows that gives great natural light which is essential for those beautiful black and white portraits I love to produce. Also when the weather is kind there is a great outdoor area for weddings and if my bride and groom to do not mind a short 2-3 minute drive in the summer there is always some great fields to produce dramatic photography in. Hemswell Court can hold up to 200 guests.

Hemswell Court. Lancaster Green, Hemswell Cliff, Lincolnshire. DN21 5TQ.

Bride and groom at Hewswell Court



Dunedin House.

Dunedin House is a new venue for me, I shot here only once in November for a fairly small wedding but was immediately blown away by the venue. It’s a fairly small venue and in the summer there is great outdoor space, bit cold shooting there in November, but I certainly intend to be shooting here a lot more this year and next year. The staff where first class and for the smaller intimate weddings this venue is perfect. With just eleven bedrooms this is the ideal venue for those smaller and intimate weddings that I love to shoot.

Dunedin Country House. 40 Westgate, Patrington, East Riding of Yorkshire. HU12 0NB.



Bride and groom at Dunedin House


This is by no means an exhaustive list of my top venues as I could easily include venues such as Norwood Park, The Old Vicarage, Kelham House and Washingborough Hall amongst others.

If you are planning a wedding at any of these venues and still looking for your wedding photographer then please do get in touch with me, I would love to discuss your wedding plans and I know I will produce beautiful and photography for you to remember your day by.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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The Cigar Shot.

Why I Love These Shots


The Cigar Shot


As a wedding photographer it is essential to have a selection of unique images that set me apart from my competition. Photographs that when produced are instantly recognisable as my original work.


I like to think that I have an individual style of wedding photography, but I definitely have a number of images that I shoot at weddings that are uniquely “Massey Photography”.


One of these is my cigar shot. I have been shooting this image for about four years now and the first time I produced it I won an award at the SWPP convention.


Each Shot Is Different

I love the fact that no matter how many times I shoot this image, they are all completely different, but they all have an edgy and strong feel to them. I will always produce them in black and white and give them a really contrasty and punchy look.


I also love the fact that I will provide the groom and his friends with an image that is impossible to recreate without the complex lighting technique I need to use to create this shot.


Of course, this image is not limited to the boys and I do love it if a bride or the bridesmaids want to get involved… Although the outtake photos are very funny at times when people are not used to smoking cigars, but I would not dream of sharing those.


So here is a selection of some of my favourites and, of course, I’ll be shooting plenty more like this at my next weddings.



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